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Get Results With The Nossovitch Group

We Help Corporate Leaders Create High-Performance Cultures and Visionary Teams


Going on a four-day trip with key leaders of your company and within a week being able to transform your organization into one in which people are consistently thriving, outperforming anyone with the same skills in the same industry, fully committed to the company and 46% more satisfied in their job.

Being on an exhilarating four day adventure with your key people, and returning to work knowing with certainty, exactly how to lead your company into unprecedented growth, very clear on how to immediately and painlessly implement two simple conditions that will create a thriving team.

In just a few days being able to align and produce a working team that is alive, passionate and excited, committed to learning and constantly growing, while providing your company with a technical advantage and prestige as an industry leader that attracts highly motivated experts operating at the leading edge.

Well, you don´t need to imagine any further…

Gabriel Nossovitch has created a set of highly effective trainings that can transform your organization in just a few days.

They will rapidly and painlessly create a culture in which employees are not only satisfied and productive but also engaged in creating the future – the company´s and their own.

The design and implementation creates a culture of thriving employees who not only have the edge of being highly energized, but who also know how to avoid burnout.

Without heroic measures or major financial investments – we will show the leaders in your organization how to jump start a culture that encourages employees to thrive.

The Nossovitch Team will work with your managers in overcoming organizational inertia to promote thriving and the productivity that follows, in most cases with a modest shift in attention.

For a short video presentation of the TNG system please email or call us at (949) 204 0885 and we will be happy to email or call you back for a consultation of how we can support you in transforming your organization into a thriving enterprise.